Family violence has no boundaries Conference

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About Family Violence Has No Boundaries

Berhan Ahmed Conference Chair

Family Violence Has No Boundaries: Cultural Diversity and Prevention

Monday 26 – Tuesday 27 October 2015

University of Melbourne, Law School

185 Pelham Street, Parkville, Australia

The two day inaugural Family Violence Has No Boundaries conference will explore the theme of Cultural Diversity and Prevention and look at all aspects of family domestic violence. Family violence has become a key concern for communities, governments, organisations and individuals.

Organised by African Australian Multicultural Employment and Youth Services and African Think Tank, African Australian Small Businesses and Jesuit Social Services

Conference Chair

Dr. Berhan Ahmed, as a Scientist, documented senior Researcher/lecturer and notable Community Leader, he has an intuitive understanding of the social, political and environmental issues our nation is facing. He has a passion for improving the relationships within our communities, and his desire to apply his extensive knowledge in practical ways. Dr. Ahmed is motivated by five core principles - social justice, ecologically sustainability development, Aboriginal reconciliation, building stronger and dynamic communities and applying democracy in action. His current leadership role in the African Think Tank is to explore new ways of engaging Africans, in participation, decision and eliminate the culture of cover up and continued hostility and lack of co-operation among community members. The African communities will also engage with each other and the mainstream society to create harmony, opportunity and good image of Africans in Australia/worldwide. Having the ability to draw on the vast international network he will support and enhance the profile and positive outcomes of individuals or organisation associated with. Due to extensive knowledge on local communities, youth and family issues, environmental impact and climate issues, he has been instrumental in bringing about reforms and improvements in the local communities. The opportunity to utilise his extensive social and academic background in the humanitarian sector is an exciting prospect. The following are some of his attributes:

 Chairperson, African Think Tank

 Chairperson of the successful African Resettlement conference, 2007; at the University of Melbourne

 White Ribbon Ambassador

 Victorian Australian of the Year 2009

 President, Team Africa (Aussie Football Team)

 Honorary Fellow (Adjunct Prof.), University Of Melbourne;

 Ex-Board Member, Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES)

 Chief Editor of Focus, a Monthly E-Magazine

 Member of Australian Company Directors (AICD)

 Ex-Executive Member of the International Research Group, Sweden

 Cultural Advisory Committee, Royal Melbourne Eye and Ear Hospital

 Ambassador of Multicultural Arts Victoria

 Founding member of Imagine the Future, affiliated with Australian Conservation Foundation 1997 - 2001

 International Commission on Eritrean Refugees, Committee Member

As a community leader, my first priority is to make the diverse African communities a strong, dynamic and a show case African community in Australia and around the world. A community that values its heritage while embracing multiculturalisms, tolerance, respects and cares for each other, including mainstream society and the environment. The challenges facing the new and emerging African communities in Australia are enormous and will be faced with happiness, community member’s consultation, talents and team work of the leadership. This stems from my own life experience; my memories of being a refugee as a teen age, discriminated, entrenched in poverty and treated as enemy before I knew what an enemy mean; this stand in sharp contrast to the dignity and love that I got from my family and from my My job as a chairperson of the African Think Tank and Volunteer CEO of African Australian Multicultural Employment and Youth Services is to help others achieve their full potential, and also want to see African youth engaged actively in shaping their own futures with a confidence that comes from a sense of pride of their identity and respect and trust of each other.

The Family Violence conference was initiated four years ago, when I was a approached by four young mothers in Flemington, going through tough personal experience and asked me, if they can have a solution to their problems with their young families. I was astounded and unable to immediately answer their plea. I consulted many community and religious leaders, services providers including Vitoria Police, and individuals and still with no answer. I discussed with inner Melbourne services providers in North Melbourne in early 2013; we agreed at the meeting to follow a forum or a conference. Thanks to R. E. Trust for their financial support and my student who did research on the challenge of African families and their kids challenges. After many consultations, we were able to commence the proposed conference for September 2015.

Thank you in advance,

Dr. Berhan Ahmed

Conference Supporters

Each year, AMES Australia assists over 40,000 people by providing humanitarian settlement, education, training and employment services for refugees and newly arrived migrants. AMES Australia offers much more than just teaching English. We work with the community, business and Government to develop sustainable and effective settlement solutions for the whole Victorian community.

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